RHA Messenger 18 October

18th October 2017

Brexit – RHA and Members in Parliament

RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett, took part in a “Brexit – ready on day one” debate in Parliament on Tuesday. The meeting involved a range of MP’s and others including HMRC, Eurotunnel and members of the RHA.

The tone of the debate was positive and business-like and was focused on customs. In the course of the debate Richard Burnett said "Right now, businesses do not know what customs will be demanding from importers and exporters. This is by far and away the most important thing that needs to be sorted quickly.”

Further information is available here.


Greater Manchester - Congestion Survey

Transport for Greater Manchester are running a survey on congestion in the area. Feedback from haulage operators working in the area – reminding authorities that freight use of the road network is essential for the people and businesses of Manchester – would be helpful. The survey can be found at here.


DVSA cab rest enforcement – don’t drink and rest when on public roads

Drivers who take their rest in the cab of a motor vehicle should be aware that under the UK drink drive law (S.5 RTA 1988), a driver who is over the UK drink drive alcohol limit can be arrested and charged.

Under UK legislation a driver in the vehicle is deemed to be “in charge of the vehicle”, regardless of whether it is moving or not.

From 1st November DVSA will be enforcing the weekly rest in cab ban on drivers who park their vehicles inappropriately, DVSA officers cannot charge a driver with the above offence, HOWEVER, if they have concerns that a driver may have been drinking, they may call the police to come and deal with the situation.


Mersey Gateway Bridge tolls start

Tolls at the Mersey Gateway started just after midnight on Saturday 14th October.

The tolls will be enforced by dedicated cameras on the toll gantry scanning vehicle number plates and special merseyflow stickers.

Information on tolls – and discounts for registered users, can be found here.

If you don’t register with merseyflow and cross the new bridge, you will need to pay the full toll rate (up to £8.00 for a lorry) by 11:59pm the day after you travel, or face a penalty charge notice of up to £60.


Are you delivering out of peak times in London?

TfL and the Retiming Consortium (which RHA is part of) have been working with businesses, operators and local authorities to demonstrate the benefits of being able to make or receive deliveries at less busy times of the day.

A target was set to have 500 demonstration sites across London by November 2017. Thank you to all those who have supported us achieving 90% of the target to date – it’s a remarkable milestone. With a month to go we need your help to get there!

We are keen to hear about any retimed sites you have introduced. We believe many more sites have been retimed but we just don’t know about them. This would include new sites that have been set up to receive deliveries outside of London’s peak congestion times. If you are aware of locations that you haven’t already told the project about, please email clivewanstall@tfl.gov.uk  with the postcode, frequency of delivery, new time for delivery and previous time (if known / applicable).

We would be grateful for any information that you can provide - it will be anonymised for the study.


RHA Website

Earlier this week we experienced a problem with our website – as result we have reverted to an old version of the site. Most information added to the site since June is temporarily unavailable. We expect to be fully restored by the end of the week.