Roadwayupdate 24 January

24th January 2018

More money, more problems?

The RHA has been critical of the recent announcement that the UK Government is going to invest a further £44.5 million in additional security measures at Calais.

Richard Burnett, RHA chief executive called for improved commitment to use the tools already in place, he said, “Money alone isn't going to solve this crisis. It requires the political will and leadership from the two governments to work together to restore the rule of law to these crucial international trade routes."

The RHA press release is available here.

The RHA is aware of fresh reports of problems with stone throwing at lorries in the area.


Leave the phone alone

This week there is a major police campaign across England and Wales to tackle drivers who continue to use hand held devices when driving.

The penalties for lorry drivers are severe when they are caught – they can be banned from driving lorries in addition to 6 penalty points and up to a £2,500 fine. 

The last operation like this in July 2017 saw over 8,000 drivers stopped and 2,595 offences detected.

No one should drive any vehicle while using a hand held mobile device.

Read more information here


Changes to roadworthiness tests

From 20 May 2018, DVSA will be bringing in new rules for heavy vehicle roadworthiness testing.

Some of the vehicles that will need to be tested include mobile cranes, breakdown vehicles, tower wagons and tractor units pulling exempt trailers. 

Testing will be carried out on these vehicles using a phased approach between 20 May 2018 and 20 May 2019.

However, during those 12 months, all these vehicles must be tested before their next Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) renewal date.

Find out more about the changes here


Chancellor at the RHA

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond officially opened the refurbished RHA office in Weybridge. The Chancellor was visiting in his capacity as the local MP to the Weybridge office. While at the office, the chance was taken to highlight wider industry issues such as skills training, Brexit and of course fuel duty.


Brexit: land transport agreement

Richard Burnett and RHA Policy Director, Duncan Buchanan met the Secretary of State for Transport to discuss RHA's proposal for a land transport agreement that would allow UK vehicles to carry goods freely in the EU after Brexit.

Mr Grayling is supportive of our ambitions and will take our views into account when engaging with Brexit negotiations. We can expect new legislation in the coming month to deal with key road transport Brexit issues.

The RHA proposal for a land transport agreement is available here. Other issues discussed included the driver shortage and the lack of parking facilities for lorries.


RHA consultation responses

The RHA responded to two consultations in the last week. The National Infrastructure Commission consulted on priorities for national infrastructure – in particular congestion, capacity and carbon. We called for consistent long term investment in capacity for freight. Further information is available here. 

The London Assembly was seeking information on cycling infrastructure, the RHA highlighted the need for all road users to be taken into account. It was also pointed out that road freight moves nearly 100% of goods in London – for London to remain competitive that freight must be properly accommodated on the road network. Our response is here.