Roadwayupdate 28 February

28th February 2018

Badly planned Clean Air Zones will kill businesses

We’ve responded to Leeds and London Clean Air Zone consultations warning that the proposals will have serious consequences for many operators and support service providers.

Leeds and London propose to charge all lorries except Euro VI (from 2014) £100 to enter planned Clean Air Zones.

As currently configured the proposals will lead to business closure and disruption to road haulage and other businesses; worse still we don’t believe the proposals would make a material difference to the air quality problems in most cases.

Compliance with the changes in the timeframe will be impossible for many businesses due to the lack of Euro VI lorries, the absence of a lorry retrofit option, and the limited opportunity for redeployment of Euro IV and V vehicles outside Leeds, London and the other planned Clean Air Zones.

By the end of 2019, just over 50% of lorries will be Euro VI; just over 25 % will be Euro V.

We recognise the need to improve air quality and we’ve put forward positive and appropriate alternatives to the current plans that will drive out many small haulage companies from our cities.

Find the consultation responses are here: Leeds London



Forty-five Hour Weekly Rest – European Enforcement 

When travelling internationally, drivers have to comply with the in-cab weekly rest ban for the previous 28 days, not just when in continental Europe, but also including the rests taken in the UK.

European enforcement officers will be looking for evidence that + 45 hour rests have been taken away from the cab. Drivers are likely to be questioned initially but may also be asked for written evidence. Assume each country will be different.


1. Driving licence shows UK address (tachograph would show end of day in GB)

2. For drivers with Non-UK licences and therefore not showing a UK address, but working for UK companies – it would be helpful for the driver to have evidence of a UK residential address (when tachograph shows end of day in GB)

3. Hotel/accommodation receipts for the weekly rest period and location

There’s no certainty over what evidence will be required in specific EU states, but the better the evidence the less likelihood there’ll be fines. We’re working to find out what evidence authorities across Europe will ask for.


Traffic Commissioner News - online

We’ve added a Traffic Commissioner news section on our website where we’ll post Traffic Commissioner press notices so you can find them more easily. They usually feature useful information for members about commissioners’ enforcement activity.

You’ll be able to view them in the News section soon. 


Drivers Hours Rules – Temporary Relaxation for LPG deliveries

Owing to a continuing shortage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) at a strategically important refinery in England, the Department for Transport has advised that a temporary relaxation of drivers’ hours rules will apply solely to drivers undertaking ‘trunk’ deliveries of LPG (e.g. from coastal import terminals and refineries to regional depots) in England and Wales.

It does not apply to drivers undertaking deliveries to end consumers (such as households or businesses). 

The relaxation applies until 23.59 on 3 March. In the first instance make any enquiries about the interpretation of these arrangements to DVSA on 0300 1239000 or on email at


Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Bill – Second reading

Liberal Democrat transport spokesperson Baroness Randerson voiced the RHA’s concerns in Parliament on Tuesday over relying on ECMT permits, that would be “inadequate for market demand, would be very bureaucratic and would not allow cabotage”.

The reading was led by the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, Baroness Sugg who told the House that later this year the Government will consult industry on the provisions containing delegated powers within the Bill to establish the permitting system.


UK weather: Warning upgraded to red as heavy snow hits UK

The Met Office has issued a red warning for extreme weather in Scotland, as a second day of heavy snow causes major disruption across swathes of the UK.

The alert covers the central belt, from Edinburgh to Glasgow, from 15:00 GMT, meaning the risk to life is likely.

It is the first red snow alert the Met Office has issued for Scotland.

Amber warnings are also in place elsewhere in Scotland, northern and eastern England, and the East Midlands, with road, rail and air travel hit.

A number of police forces have warned against driving because of poor visibility and treacherous conditions, leading to crashes and stranded motorists.

The snow has forced the closure of hundreds of schools from Cornwall to northern Scotland, after overnight temperatures dropped to almost -12C (11F) in some areas.

Read the rest here.