RoadwayUpdate 30 May

30th May 2018

Illegal migrants: crisis in Caen

RHA’s Managing Director of Policy and Public affairs, Rod McKenzie appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire Show on BBC 2 on Thursday 30 May to discuss the dangers hauliers face driving through Caen. He told her that lorry drivers have a right to do their job safely but regularly run the gauntlet of migrants trying to break into lorries where they’re constantly stopped and threatened with violence. Rod reiterated the RHA’s call for the French military to be deployed to problem areas where police are outnumbered.

Sherralin Ballard from SJL International Transport and Vicki Campbell from Breakwells joined Rod on the show.

You can watch the interview here.


Self-employment consultation

The Government is consulting on how it will tackle non-compliance with the off-payroll working rules for workers in the private sector as it believes that current legislation is not working well.

They estimate that a third of people working through an intermediary company (agency, personal service company, limited or umbrella company) are working like employees – and should therefore pay broadly the same income tax and National Insurance Contributions as if they were employed directly.

We're seeing an increasing uptake of HGV drivers being led into complex self-employment arrangements, but employment status is not a choice. It's determined by the facts of an engagement and the working practices. Those who are genuinely self-employed are, and will continue to be, treated as self-employed for tax purposes, those who are not could face huge payments in back tax and interest.

Wewill be responding and will be inviting members to provide feedback prior to the consultation deadline of 10 August 2018. Members can respond directly to the consultation here or await the RHA feedback form which should be available in a week or so.


How clean is Welsh air?

Wales are consulting on a Clean Air Plan and a Clean Air Zone framework.The aim is to reduce levels of harmful emissions and improve the health and wellbeing of Welsh communities.

The RHA will be responding to the consultation and we invite you to give us your views, information or evidence you may have on the Welsh Government's proposals.

A summary of the proposals and a feedback form are available here and can be emailed to Please send through by 8 June 2018.  Alternatively, members may wish to respond directly to the full consultation here.


Cycling and walking investment

The RHA has responded to the Department for Transport call for evidence on infrastructure investment for cycling and walking.

The RHA restated that the industry is strongly committed to road safety. We highlighted that adherence to the Highway Code as a fundamental and essential building block in making roads as safe as possible for all road users. We also reminded policy makers that roads need to perform many practical and essential functions for all road users. The movement of freight is essential, not optional. Road infrastructure must be designed for all uses, including road freight for the largest vehicles.

The full response can be found here.


Air quality consultation

In March 2018 the Government directed 33 English local authorities to establish whether there are measures they can take to reduce NOx air pollution in their areas in the shortest possible time, such as implementing Clean Air Zones. This takes the number of cities that Government is pushing for action up to 61 cities.

The Government wants to know what measures you think will be effective in these local authority areas so that they can give due consideration to your views when developing their studies. The authorities must submit their findings to the government by 31 July 2018. The Government will consider the results, and will publish a supplement to the NO2 Plan by 5 October 2018. The list of these cities is available here.