RoadwayUpdate 25 September

25th September 2019

Calais may be ready, but are traders?

Richard Burnett visited the port of Calais this week to discuss Brexit preparation and review the infrastructure in place to manage lorries moving through the port.

“It is clear that the port has done almost everything it can to prepare itself for the introduction of border controls after Brexit” Richard said. “However, the entire system is dependent upon high levels of compliance with new processes throughout the supply chain.”

Read more on RoadwayLive.


Leeds CAZ exemptions don’t go far enough

Chris Ashley, our policy advocate for environment and regulation, has told Leeds City Council that their planned clean air zone exemptions don’t go far enough.

He said members are disappointed with the largely impractical criteria they’d have to meet to avoid crippling £50 charges.

City Hall chiefs plan to exempt specialist HGVs if they can’t be retrofitted or upgraded for less than £200,000; operate for no more than three working hours per day within the zone; and are classified as either low loader, breakdown truck or special purpose tax classes.


‘No-deal’ guidance for moving goods across borders

The Government has launched a downloadable pocket guide for hauliers moving goods across borders. It features advice about the required documents if there’s a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

Go to their website for information about ‘no deal’ international road haulage.

The Government’s Border Delivery Group is hosting a series of webinars for firms moving goods into the UK from the EU. Have a look on RoadwayLive for the agenda and booking details.

Dundee LEZ briefing on 9 October

Dundee Council is briefing hauliers ahead of a consultation about a low emission zone (LEZ) they’re launching next year.

It’s your opportunity to ask council officials how the scheme could affect your business.

See RoadwayLive for details on securing a place at the event in the Council Chambers in City Square on Wednesday 9 October, 2.30pm-4pm.


Doctors on Wheels – DVLA still not accepting D4 medicals

DVLA has asked us to remind you that they’re still not accepting D4 medicals completed by Doctors on Wheels Ltd.

Trading Standards and DVLA are investigating the firm after claims that they were not completing medical reports properly and incorrectly submitting fit-to-drive notices.

We urge you not to use Doctors on Wheels for D4 Medical Reports and fully support DVLA’s action. The reminder comes as Doctors on Wheels is advertising the service again.


National Lorry Week: Thanks for your support

Last week was the fifth annual National Lorry Week, and we wanted to thank you for helping us to make it such a success.

We had a huge number of people taking part, sending in photos, videos and stories of how they were getting involved and helping the country to #LoveTheLorry.

National Lorry Week is a great opportunity to spread the message that the haulage industry is the life-blood of the country, and we want to make sure that everyone in the country knows it too.

This year we had more people take part and contribute than ever before.

Thank you all again for taking part and creating such interesting, engaging and entertaining content as you helped spread the word!

Check out the #LoveTheLorry hashtag on Twitter to see some great examples.