RoadwayUpdate 13 November

13th November 2019

The ballot box battle for road freight

Rod McKenzie, MD of Policy and Public Affairs, writes on what the transport and logistics industry needs from the next government. He covers everything from reforming the apprenticeship levy to provisions for drivers.

Rod writes, “Next month the people of the UK will be going to the ballot box to choose their new Government.  For us in the transport and logistics sector of the economy, the future direction of the new Prime Minister and their cabinet is crucial.”

“Put simply – what we do is essential work. It’s high time Government recognised that with action not just words.”

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Fuel thefts: RHA wants more reports

Chrys Rampley, RHA manager for infrastructure and security, has spoken to Facts magazine about the ongoing issue of fuel theft.

The article in Facts states that, while fuel theft is undoubtedly a problem for all vehicle users, the scale of the problem is still largely unknown.

This has made fighting fuel theft difficult, as without accurate information on the scale of fuel theft, problem areas and methods, it is almost impossible for authorities to create a coherent strategy to fight it.

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Further flood warnings

Flood warnings and alerts have been issued in England and Wales.

The alerts have been triggered from the North East of England near York, all the way down to South Pembrokeshire in Wales.

The Met Office has also issued yellow weather warnings for heavy and persistent rain across today and tomorrow (13 and 14 November). 

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Lorry driver ‘left with glass in eyes’

A lorry driver in Kent was taken to hospital after another motorist reportedly drove up alongside him, lowered his window and fired a catapult at him.

The shocking attack on the A228 in Leybourne on Saturday 9 November at around 01.30hrs left the victim with an eye injury after his side window was smashed by an object.

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Focusing on eyesight for Road Saftey Week

Monday 18 November sees the start of Brake’s Road Safety Week and Specsavers are playing a big part. They will be encouraging employers to take a lead role in ensuring that their drivers can see well enough to drive.

In a survey of more than 500 HR decision makers from companies of all sizes across the UK, Specsavers discovered 45 per cent of employers had concerns about whether their workers’ eyesight was as good as it should be for driving.

The RHA is supporting Specsavers’ campaign to encourage drivers to have regular eye tests. Chief exec Richard Burnett recently had his eyes tested at Specsavers, where the optician spotted the early signs of glaucoma. He was referred to hospital and his condition is now being monitored and treated. As the condition was picked up early he has suffered no loss of vision and can continue to drive.

"I think it’s really important in my position that I lead by example and get regular eye tests. For so many people in the UK; truck operators in particular, the roads are their place of work, it’s where they do business. We need to make sure that they are safe and that we do all we can to cut the number of accidents. That includes having regular eye tests to make sure that everyone has not only good eyesight, but also good eye health."

"It is encouraging to know that if, like me, the tester finds an issue during the eye examination, it can usually be managed with the right medication and support."


Police Appeal After Trucker Assaulted in Wiltshire

Police in Wiltshire would like to speak to a man after a lorry driver was punched in the face in Wiltshire.

Reports in SomersetLive say the suspect jumped inside the trailer of a lorry and assaulted the victim as he was making a delivery in The Shires service yard in Trowbridge shortly before 01.00hrs on Friday 20 September.

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