RoadwayUpdate 11 December

11th December 2019

Recruitment and retention still biggest concern for hauliers

That’s according to the RHA’s latest Cost Movement Report.

The report, which harvests information from members and sets out to define industry trends, confirms fears that the ever-increasing HGV driver shortage continues to hit firms hard.

Operators blame Brexit uncertainty for widening the gap to around 60,000 and say they’re worried about controversial clean air zones which will see council chiefs slapping up to £100 daily charges on non-Euro VI trucks.

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Where are Surrey’s new lorry parks?

Surrey councillors aren’t doing enough to ensure lorry drivers have somewhere to park, the RHA argues.

The criticism came as officials announced plans to close a lay-by on the A322 in Bagshot, near Bracknell. This stop is used by truckers to park when they’re legally required to stop driving.

Surrey County Council agreed to the measure following a long-running residents’ campaign after complaints about noise and mess.

But RHA press executive, Paul Mummery told SurreyLive there aren’t enough lorry facilities. He accused officials of shunting trucks away without offering alternatives.

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RHA calls for decarbonisation roadmap

Duncan Buchanan, RHA’s policy director for England and Wales, told leading academics and industry experts that hauliers need a “roadmap” from the new Government to drive innovation and investment in new climate-friendly technology.

Addressing the 6th International Workshop on Sustainable Road Freight he said, “Our members are ready and willing to invest in the new technology and vehicles needed to decarbonise the freight sector.

"But they need to be confident that their investment is supported by rules that enable a smooth transition to a net-zero carbon future.

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Are trees the answer to the lorry question?

In a piece for RoadwayLive Rod McKenzie, RHA managing director of policy and public affairs, explores the environmental ‘cure-all’ tree solution.

The road haulage sector is facing a raft of ill-thought-out Clean Air Zone across English towns and cities. They’re bad for business and environmentally illogical.

For the avoidance of doubt – everyone wants cleaner air and not to damage the planet. But the RHA wants a balanced, rational and scientific argument.

Now planting trees has apparently become the answer to everything.

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Driver attacked in Belgium

The RHA has received a report of a haulier being attacked outside of Liege, Belgium.

The report which states that an enclosed car transporter on its way out to Germany parked up at the shell station rest area on the E42 eastbound to the east of Liege for their overnight break.

While walking performing his evening vehicle checks, the driver was approached by three people asking for money. When he refused and tried to return to the cab four more people appeared from behind his trailer.

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Hauliers’ long working hours ‘tarnish on the glory of humanity’

Xiaodi Hou, founder of self-driving truck firm TuSimple, has described the long hours spent on the road by hauliers as a ‘tarnish on the glory of humanity’.

Hou’s company, TuSimple, is in the process of developing technologies which will allow for long-distance haulage operations to be automated with the need for human intervention. 

Their self-driving lorries have a human driver and engineer present on journeys, but this is said to be as a precaution.

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