RoadwayUpdate 15 January

15th January 2020

Government must deliver on £2b pothole promise

Today is National Pothole Day, and a quick look at Twitter shows just how frustrated road users are with the condition of our country's road infrastructure.

The RHA is calling on the Government to follow through on their manifesto promise to spend £2b fixing potholes over four years.

This promise, made last year as part of the Conservative’s election manifesto, was included as part of the £25b earmarked to upgrade key roads across the UK over the next five years. 

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New administration in Stormont

The RHA has welcomed the return of devolved Government to Stormont as this should provide a boost for the Northern Ireland economy and business.

Now that political institutions have been restored, the Association is keen to support ministers prioritising the logistics sector as Brexit heralds some big challenges for the region.

John Martin, RHA policy manager for Northern Ireland, provided some much-needed answers to questions around what a devolved government in Stormont means for hauliers.

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Bath's CAZ could arrive in November

If approved, Bath's proposed Clean Air Zone (CAZ) could come into effect from 4 November.

This is subject to the final business case for the plan being approved by Bath and North East Somerset Council.

Previous reports had suggested that the CAZ could be implemented in 2021, but may come into force this year if it passes final approval on tomorrow (16 January).

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'No charging on demand for electric HGVs'

A government taskforce set up last year to investigate charging infrastructure for electric vehicles has released a report stressing the need for market solutions to the question of electric vehicle viability in the UK.

The report finds consumer need will drive the establishment of sustainable supply and workable charging systems across the country. 

Government would play no part, however. The authors of the report stress that there has to be shared standards in charging systems and payment methods across Europe, to create economies of scale and avoid expensive duplication.

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New traffic commissioners for north west England and Wales

Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps has appointed two new traffic commissioners.

Gerallt Evans will be the new traffic commissioner for the north west of England and Victoria Davies will be the new Traffic Commissioner for Wales.

The Senior Traffic Commissioner, Richard Turfitt, said: "They bring with them valuable experience of legal process and regulation, which will be used to great effect in serving the communities of their respective traffic areas."

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Got a question for Highways England?

Coming 22 January, the RHA will host a special Facebook Live event with Highways England.

This live forum will cover hot industry topics from roadworks planning to motorway technology.

If you have any questions for Highways England, now is the time to ask.

Just message the RHA on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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