Roadway Update 8 April 2020

8th April 2020

Survey Findings

Thanks to everyone that took the time to complete one of our surveys over the past 10 days.

The information gathered is helping us understand where transport businesses need support the most. Sharing anonymised summaries to government has allowed us to demonstrate trends across all sectors and geographies - vital if we are to influence policy making and decisions.

Nearly half of the UK’s HGV fleet is parked up and half of the UK’s HGV driver workforce are inactive. Only half of those drivers have been furloughed because operators need flexibility, which the current workforce retention scheme does not provide.

Volume across most sectors is substantially down, operators’ costs remain high, cash flow is drying up and return load work has substantially reduced.

We know the existing financial support measures for our industry are not enough and transport businesses face ruin unless something is done quickly. Government needed evidence to demonstrate this and with your help we’ve been able to provide that.

We are continuing to work with government to help find solutions. The letters you sent to your MP’s amounted to over 2,000 covering 500+ MP’s many of whom have subsequently written to the Chancellor supporting our efforts. Thanks to everyone that took the time to do this – invaluable.

If there is anything more you wish to tell us please remember to email The vast amount specific evidence and intelligence we are gaining from you here, is supporting our efforts further.

We will keep you informed as we have been doing as this situation develops.


Periodic tachograph calibrations and inspections suspended for 3 months

DVSA have announced that as of 8 April 2020 periodic tachograph calibrations and inspections on all lorries, buses, coaches and trailers with a periodic test of their tachograph (calibration or inspection) due to expire will now be given a 3-month extension.

New certificates will not be issued.

To ensure all tachograph vehicles remain legal whilst the country deals with the coronavirus outbreak, DVSA will be bringing in a relaxation from the legislation.

What this means for your vehicle

If your tachograph calibration or inspection is due in the next 3 months, an extension will be issued automatically.

You do not need to take any extra action.

You'll still need to keep tachographs operating effectively.

If your tachograph develops a fault, this must be repaired in line with the normal requirements.

New requirements when travelling to France

In order to curb non-essential travel, all those driving to France, including freight operators, must from now on complete an International Attestation form to confirm that their journey meets the criteria for ‘essential travel’.

This is a new requirement introduced by the French authorities in response to the coronavirus outbreak. More information can be found here.


Cross-sector collaboration

The RHA continues to support cross-sector collaboration to ensure that the UK is equipped to respond to the Coronavirus crisis.

Demands on some parts of the logistics sector are soaring as key elements of the supply chain come under unprecedented demand. Conversely, other sectors within the industry such as those carrying material for events will have been decimated over the past few weeks. We can work together to meet this challenge. 

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is providing a service to match organisations together so that those who have capacity can help those in need, by making available staff, vehicles and expertise to support the supply chain. If your business has operational surplus or shortages including drivers, warehouse operators and vehicles click here.



RHA Training is delivering several courses online which can be accessed anywhere with a computer and internet connection. We’re currently delivering Driver CPC to help drivers keep up to date with their training hours as well Transport Manager Refresher and Operator Licence awareness training.

We have a range dates available which can be booked online here. If you have a requirement for multiple candidates or can’t find a suitable date then contact us at and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements.    


Application for a Statutory Off-Road Notice - SORN

You need to make a SORN if you want to take a vehicle ‘off the road’ and want to stop taxing and insuring it.

Your vehicle is off the road if you don’t keep or use it on a public road, for example if it’s in a garage, on a drive or on private land.

You must insure and tax your vehicle if you don’t have a SORN. Otherwise you’ll automatically be fined £80. There’s also a fine for having an uninsured vehicle.

To apply for a SORN online click here. Alternatively send an application form (V890) to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR.

For more information regarding the application for a SORN, including how to calculate your HGV VED levy, visit the RHA Coronavirus info section here.


Servicing, Maintenance and Parts

If you are experiencing any difficulty with servicing and maintenance or just with getting parts, please let us know by emailing

Please provide as much information as possible to allow us to investigate why and how issues are occurring. This will enable us to help resolve them much more efficiently.