Roadway Update 27 March 2020

27th May 2020

Drivers’ hours relaxation ends at midnight 31 May

The current relaxation of drivers’ hours rules expires at midnight 31 May. 

It may be extended but that is unlikely and if it is it will be for a short period only.

The RHA is advising everyone planning operations from 1 June to plan on the assumption that drivers hours rules will return to normal.

Any future relaxations are likely to be specific to industries that have a documented problem to deal with.

Loans for larger firms extended to £200m

The Government has extended the maximum loan size available through the Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme from £50 million to £200 million.

Firms can now apply for the Coronavirus Future Fund here.

Coronavirus sick pay scheme

Firms who’ve paid statutory sick pay to staff taking coronavirus-related leave can now claim back the money.

The Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme allows SME employers with fewer than 250 members of staff to apply to recover the costs of paying coronavirus-related Statutory Sick Pay for two weeks. Firms making claims will receive the money within six working days.

Northern Ireland – expiring driving licences to be extended

Northern Ireland’s Department for Infrastructure has confirmed that all driving licences with an expiry date between 1 February and 31 August 2020 will be treated as valid for a further seven months without the need for a medical. The extension will be automatically applied, and new licences will not be issued during this period.

The move follows persistent lobbying since mid-March by the RHA after drivers and firms reported difficulties getting medicals booked in with GPs.

England – shop openings

The prime minister has announced that all non-essential shops in England can reopen from Monday 15 June.

Government has published new guidance for the retail sector "detailing the measures they should take to meet the necessary social distancing and hygiene standards".

Announcements for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will follow from respective governments.


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