Roadway Update 7 April 2021

7th April 2021

Inbound Covid testing - Drivers from the Devolved Administrations 

Several members from Wales and Scotland have asked about the new Covid-19 testing requirements for drivers entering England from outside the UK heading back to depots, and whether they need to comply with the new rules on testing issued for England.

We have contacted the DfT on this issue and are waiting official advice. However, our recommendation is that drivers should obtain at least one test on arrival back into the UK, as they can use the advice and information sites.

Any driver that then makes deliveries back into England within the 10 day period after initially arriving back into GB, should then get further tests following the guidance.  Again the advice and information sites can be used, if they cannot get tested at any local community sites.

Once we have received further information from GOV we will update you.


Covid-19: ‘Bespoke testing regime’ now in effect

All commercial vehicle drivers entering England from outside the UK must now provide a negative Covid-19 test before they can continue their journey.

The negative test must have been taken within 48 hours of arrival, and those remaining in the UK for longer than two days will be required to take additional Covid tests every three days.

>Cabin crew, seasonal workers and prison escorts will also be required to follow this new procedure, which the Government are calling a “bespoke testing regime“.

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Collapse in coach tourism creates unemployment crisis across UK towns and cities

The RHA has released new research into the impact of COVID-19 on unemployment in the UKs top 40 towns and cities with the highest proportion of tourism employees in 2019, including popular coach holiday destinations such as the Lake District, Derbyshire Dales and Devon.

Nationally, the number of unemployed people rose by an average of 115% from February 2020 to February 2021 with the constituencies containing the UK’s top 40 coach tourism employment hotspots seeing unemployment rising on average by 141%, an additional 26%.

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Portsmouth launches Clean Air Fund ahead of rolling out Clean Air Zone

Portsmouth City Council has launched their Clean Air Fund, in an effort to support businesses who will be directly impacted by the new charges imposed by their Clean Air Zone (CAZ), which is due to launch in November 2021.

From that date, non-compliant vehicles that travel through Portsmouth’s CAZ would face a daily charge for doing so, including HGVs, coaches and vans. 

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New information on the Frontier Worker Permit Scheme

The Government has updated the guidance on the Frontier Worker Permit Scheme to clarify rules around eligibility.

They are also encouraging employers and business intermediaries to share information about the scheme with frontier workers.

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Sign the petition: Lift the HGV parking ban in Kent

We’re encouraging everyone to sign the petition which is currently live on the Parliament website, calling for the HGV parking ban in Kent to be lifted.

The petition is calling for the Government to revoke permission for Kent County Council to introduce new restrictions on HGV parking, which force drivers to choose between taking legally required breaks and rest, or risk a fine of a day’s wage.

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