Chaos in Calais

11th December 2017

The RHA have received reports from Wiltshire based Broughton Transport Solutions Ltd about migrants causing major disruption in Calais in the early hours of this morning.

Driver Hamish was going his usual route through Calais when he says that around a dozen migrants surrounded him on the approach to the port as he was coming off the motorway at around 3am.

They shone a torch in his face, causing Hamish to crash into concrete bollards that they had put in the road.

Once he had stopped the migrants tried to get into his vehicle, with one nearly managing to climb through his window.

Luckily, frightened Hamish managed to drive off and didn't stop until he got to the port.

Although Hamish had a lucky escape this time, this sort of migrant activity can lead to drivers' deaths, and the RHA are urging the French government to deal with this terrifying situation.

Please call the RHA 24/7 Calais Incident Reporting Line on (+44) 1274 863111 if you experience any migrant action.