HGV Heroes – Recognising the industry's hard work

10th July 2020

If you were to make a list of all the UK’s industry sectors, which one would be at the top - retail, manufacturing, construction?

Where would you put road haulage - somewhere near the middle maybe?

Maybe a little higher still once you consider that without the haulage industry, the UK economy would come to a standstill and the life of every single member of the population, would look very different.

It’s the one sector that every other division of British industry relies on. Everything we eat, drink and wear relies on road haulage. The productivity and competitiveness of the UK economy is dependent on having an efficient road haulage sector and a road infrastructure that works for all users.

Commercial vehicles such as trucks and vans are essential for businesses and deliver 98% of items, we need in our day to day lives. These include our food, drink, shelter, places of work and everything in between. To put a value on it, the industry generates approximately £125 billion per annum for the UK economy.

Employing over 2.5 million people the transport sector is the 5th largest in the UK, just behind the manufacturing and banking / finance sectors. With 98% of all food and agricultural products, consumer products and machinery in the UK being transported by road it’s an essential industry that the country relies on.

There are 600,000 goods vehicle driving licence holders in the UK and it is the industry that we, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) is proud to represent. And for the next month the RHA will be celebrating the driving force behind the industry with its HGV Heroes campaign.

As we know, the UK haulage industry is not just about trucks – it’s about people. Quite literally, those that have gone the extra mile to keep our country fed and medical front liners protected during an incredibly difficult and challenging time.

We want the nation to nominate their HGV hero. It can be a driver who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, a logistics company, a team or why not nominate a family member or friend? Just click here to nominate your hero.

Every hero nominated will receive a certificate as an acknowledgement, a thank you, for doing such a great job during such a difficult time. And we’re in the process of putting a very exciting prize together for the overall winner.

This increase in awareness, and appreciation has become apparent since the UKs plunge into lockdown, 15 weeks ago. The reliance on the nation’s truckers to deliver food, medicines, and the all-important personal protection equipment to those on the NHS frontline has been massive.

The RHA, as the representative body for the operators of commercial vehicles, think it high time that the industry; particularly its workforce, gets the recognition it deserves. What better way to do this than through HGV Heroes.