RHA leads industry call for improved driver facilities

RHA leads industry call for improved driver facilities

06 Feb 2023 Posted By Kate Gibbs

People at work should feel safe and respected; our drivers expect better and deserve better

The Road Haulage Association is leading calls to secure more lorry, coach parking, and improve the standard of facilities.

“We need to see the quantity improved because there isn’t enough of these facilities,” RHA’s Policy Lead for Infrastructure, Tom Cornwell told The Grocer.

“Commercial vehicle drivers continue to put up with poor facilities out on the road and it’s just not good enough. People at work should feel safe and respected; our drivers expect better and deserve better.”

“Driver safety at these facilities is a major issue. Parking facilities need to ensure that drivers are safe and feel safe when they visit. We have also pointed out that often the would-be criminals are organised and not always opportunistic.”

This follows Unite Union also calling for improved facilities for drivers.

Logistics UK CEO David Wells has also urged the government to deliver on its promise to invest in the sector last week: “HGV drivers are crucial for keeping the country moving and ensuring our supply chains remain protected, yet they face a significant lack of hygiene and rest facilities compared with other industries.”

Roads Minister, Richard Holden recently told the RHA’s Roadway magazine: “I really want to see a massive increase in the benchmark of what HGV drivers up and down the country can expect from our roadside services and truck stops.”

The RHA are also calling for National Planning Policy Framework reform to reflect the regional and national need for lorry parking and to reduce distances between facilities, and defined with driver welfare as a priority.

Truck stop operators in England can bid for up to £315,000 in match funding grants from the Government. Called the “HGV Parking and Driver Welfare Grant Scheme”, the reserve provides match funding to support improvements, including toilets, showers, security and HGV parking capacity. Read more here.

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