Survey: Have your say on energy costs

Survey: Have your say on energy costs

17 Oct 2022 Posted By James Evison

The RHA is calling on hauliers to respond to its survey on energy costs, outlining how government policy and prices are impacting your businesses.

With hauliers and coach operators struggling with energy costs on top of escalating fuel prices, we welcome the recent Government support provided for businesses.

As this support is in place for six months and prices are likely to remain high for many months, the industry will need this to continue for longer period to protect our supply chains.

A Government review is taking place on future support for industries beyond six months.

In order for RHA to provide accurate information from our membership to Government, please respond to the questions below and send answers to: [email protected]

All responses will be treated in strictest confidence.

  1. How often are you billed for your energy usage (gas/electric)?
  2. When did you receive your last energy bill and how much did you pay?
  3. How much did you pay on the energy bill from the same time last year?
  4. Do you pass on energy cost increases to the customer?
  5. What is the proportion of energy costs in relation to total business costs? As a percentage (%)?
  6. How have energy costs impacted your profit margin?
  7. In your recorded accounts for 2020/1 and 2021/2, what was your profit margin as a percentage (%)?
  8. Have you increased your prices in the last year, and if so by how much?

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