Gove agrees to meeting with RHA on Brexit customs and border concerns

Michael Gove has agreed to meet with the RHA to listen to industry fears about the Government’s post-transition progress.

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster confirmed he’ll arrange a roundtable after RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett wrote to him requesting one last week.

Mr Burnett had raised long-standing industry concerns about new customs IT, border infrastructure and a lack of movement on recruiting and training the 50,000 new customs agents firms will need to manage extra red tape next year.

Mr Gove responded today (Tuesday 8 September) saying: “I agree that a further roundtable would be useful and have asked my office to arrange such a meeting.

“My officials to work closely with you to ensure we have a specific list of industry proposals to discuss under each of the headings you’ve suggested.”

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RHA chief executive Richard Burnett told ITV News that there are significant gaps in the Government’s post-transition plans.