Workshop Operators - new trial to display your proficiency

Workshop Operators - new trial to display your proficiency

19 Jun 2024 Posted By Joe Scotting

We are looking for members with workshops to join the Maintenance Provision Rating Scheme (MPRS) trial from July onwards to paint an accurate picture of workshop competence and offerings.

The scheme was brought together by several industry stakeholders including the RHA, having concerns about the standard of maintenance carried out by some workshop providers.

MOT fail rates are currently at around 10%, leading to an increase of vehicle and trailer prohibition. Figures released by DVSA show that operators using an external workshop have a 78% chance of receiving a ban of using a vehicle.

Although there are several accreditation schemes available for workshops, there is no rating scheme that differentiates workshops in terms of competency levels of staff and range of facilities available.

The aim of the MPRS is to:

  1. Provide commercial vehicle operators with a simple rating scheme against which they can judge the standard of vehicle safety-inspections provided by workshops
  2. Offer a better understanding of the competence levels of workshop staff
  3. Make clear the range inspection facilities available
  4. To drive improvements in the level of vehicle safety-inspections at workshops
  5. To be used by DVSA and Traffic Commissioners to identify suitable maintenance arrangements for operators

How the scheme would work:

The scheme will be hosted and platformed by the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE). Administration of the scheme will be run jointly by the RHA, Logistics UK, The Department for Transport, The Office of the Traffic Commissioner, DVSA, SMMT and several other industry stakeholders.

Workshop staff, management, and inspection facilities would be assessed against the MPRS rating. Participating workshops will be assigned a MPRS rating to feature alongside accreditations.

How the rating system works

There are two primary factors to the MPRS ratings:

  1. The competency and skill level of the technicians and engineers who carry out repairs
  2. The provisions of the facilities for undertaking safety-inspections.

The trial is set to begin in July, with the full scheme expected to launch in 2025. The scheme will be referred to in the upcoming 2025 Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness.

If you’re interested in joining, please contact the IRTE HERE.