Our letter to Kit Malthouse on NaVCIS Cargo Crime Data

Our letter to Kit Malthouse on NaVCIS Cargo Crime Data

23 Jun 2021 Posted By Josh Reynolds

We have written to Minister of State for Crime and Policing Kit Malthouse, asking him to provide funding for NaVCIS, which will allow them to share vital intelligence concerning lorry and lorry load theft hotspots.

NaVCIS recently announced that, due to a lack of funding, they're no longer freely disseminating vital information about cargo thefts, but instead asking for a fee to be paid before this information can be released.

The data gathered by NaVCIS is vital for helping keep commercial vehicle drivers and their cargo safe, and for this information not to be freely shared is a blow to the security of the supply chain.

In our letter, we explained to the minister that the majority of our members are small operators, with five or fewer goods vehicles, who simply cannot afford to pay the fee asked.

Profit margins are around 1%, and the driver shortage is causing costs to rise, putting the information further out of reach.

We invited the Home Office to fully fund this vital service, which is essential to prevent crime and detect those responsible for thefts. We also requested an opportunity to meet with officials to discuss our concern with a view to finding a practical solution.

You can read our full letter to the Minister of State for Crime and Policing here.

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