RHA Training deliver their successful Transport Manager CPC courses in your area

29th August 2017

RHA Training deliver their transport manager CPC training courses in locations all over the country and are recognised as being among the most respected freight transport and logistics training providers in the UK.

Courses are delivered by a team of highly-qualified trainers and attendees achieve not only excellent exam results, they also gain an extensive working knowledge of the responsibilities of a transport manager.

But don’t just take our word for it. Over 98% of the delegates on RHA courses consistently rate their training experience as very good or excellent.

RHA Training is justly proud of its Transport Manager CPC Course. It has one of the highest pass rates in the UK with over 60% of candidates passing the OCR examination - the national average is 48%.

For examinations due to take place in October, RHA Training will be running courses in

  • Newcastle on Tyne starting on Wednesday 20th September
  • Dagenham starting on Wednesday 20th September
  • Warrington starting on Thursday 9th November


For more details visit our website or call 01733 261456

View the August-December 2017 training prospectus here