RHA and DVSA appeal for evidence of problems at ATFs

23rd January 2018

On Tuesday 23 January RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett, and DVSA CEO, Gareth Llewellyn met to discuss serious ongoing problems with ATF testing and concerns over on-road enforcement. The RHA highlighted the unacceptable level of cancellations that now apply to roadworthiness testing at ATFs; the cancellation levels undermine road safety and are damaging hauliers and ATFs.

Long-term the RHA believes that testing by non-DVSA staff will need to be introduced - as happens for the testing of cars and vans now.

“It was a good constructive open conversation on their issues, particularly on ATFs in terms of where the problems are - we need evidence from members on ATF cancellations to bring back to DVSA to can jointly solve this problem.” said Richard Burnett.


Gareth Llewelyn echoed the call for evidence from RHA members over problems with cancellations and other issues with ATFs.