RHA welcomes port connectivity study

1st May 2018

The Road Haulage Association welcomes the Government’s “Transport infrastructure for our global future: a study of England’s port connectivity” study.

The report recognises the crucial role freight plays in the economy and how well-connected transport links to and from ports is key for growth and competitiveness.

RHA policy director, Duncan Buchanan said: “It’s very welcome that the Government is recognising how important freight is to the economy and is starting to embed this into transport investment priorities and decision making.

“A strong economy needs investment in high-quality infrastructure and well-planned maintenance to ensure that freight can move efficiently.

“The study highlights the link between port activities and connectivity inland as part of wider supply chains. It also recognises the impact that disruptions, delays and uncertain transit times have on businesses, and that these issues need to be factored in the planning of investment decisions.”