The London Lorry Control scheme is back – RHA says it’s beyond belief

21st May 2020

Responding to the announcement from the London Councils that they are to re-reintroduce the London Lorry Control Scheme on 1 June, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “I find their decision to reintroduce enforcement  controls at this extremely sensitive time to be beyond belief.

“They were one of the first enforcement authorities in London to react to the COVID-19 emergency, suspending enforcement of the LLCS on 17 March 2020. Their action was welcomed by the freight and logistics industries, struggling to keep London’s essential shops and services supplied at time of severe food shortages and significant issues with deliveries.”

Following discussions with freight industry representatives, the London Councils decided to extend the suspension from the end of April until the end of May – a welcome move that was, of course, welcomed by the RHA.

“Lockdown is beginning to ease but there is still a very long way to go”, said Richard Burnett. “To extend the suspension for another month would really  help the e industry that is trying to get back on the road as quickly as it can. But to reintroduce the Control Scheme with less than a week’s notice, amounts to little more than kicking an industry when it’s down.

Notes to Editors:

Phase 1
From Thursday 21 May 2020, our enforcement contractor NSL will once again deploy enforcement officers on street in London to make HGV observations. This would only be to collect data on lorry movements and will assist London Councils in understanding the current freight activity and comparative information on pre COVID-19 activity. This would also help provide data for the final phases of the LLCS review and any future piloting of changes to the terms and conditions of the scheme. No enforcement would be undertaken at this time.

Phase 2
From Monday 1st June 2020 activities will be logged onto the LLCS case management system and officers will process and assess these observations. Any possible breaches of the scheme will result in the issuance of a Warning Notice only. This will advise that recipients were potentially in breach of the scheme and could have received either a PCN or an enquiry notice depending on whether they had an existing permission. London Councils will take no further action at this time but will advise that continued use of this route without justification may result in future enforcement action. We will issue Warning Notices for a period of two weeks.

Phase 3
Following the two-week period of issuing Warning Notices, the LLCS will revert to regular usual enforcement of the scheme on 15 June 2020 under the existing terms and conditions. However, LLCS officers will be available to discuss any specific issues operators have as a result of COVID-19 and arrange special routing requirements if necessary.

It should be noted that the reintroduction of enforcement of the LLCS will be kept under review and if necessary, can be suspended again at any time.