RHA Tyre Programme

To enhance the value of being an RHA member, we've partnered with Goodyear Dunlop to offer members exclusive rewards on tyres for their fleets through our Tyre Programme.



Valid on all purchases from 25 April 2017 to 31 December 2017, RHA members need to register online at www.mygoodyear.eu/rha and you're just six simple steps away from financial reward. 


RHA members are just six simple steps away from financial reward

  1. Enter your purchase details and attach a copy of the relevant invoice
  2. Register each of your qualifying tyre purchases from this invoice
  3. When all tyre purchases have been added, send them for verification
  4. Await email confirmation of your successful reward submission
  5. Check your submission status in your MyGoodyear account area
  6. Money will be paid directly into your bank account


Rewards are available on all tyre sizes with the below rim diameters:

Rim diameter Dunlop Goodyear
17.5" £10 £5
19.5" £10 £5
22.5" £20 £10

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Read more about the RHA Tyre Partnership and see how to claim your rewards by downloading the brochure here.