Policy & Campaigning

The RHA represents the legitimate interests of its members to government, to the industry and its customers, and to society as a whole. This lobbying has had significant influence in the policies and actions of government and its agencies, including major wins for the industry.

The RHA’s representation of road haulage and logistics reflects the industry’s importance to the economy, its diversity, its entrepreneurial culture and a commitment to safe and responsible operation. We work pro-actively to have a positive influence on the regulatory and other conditions in which the industry works.

As a member organisation, we draw views from a matrix of channels, including local and regional meetings, specialist groups and forums, and the comments of individual members through day-to-day contact. We publish weekly campaigning emails and our award-winning monthly magazine Roadway.

We draw feedback from members through day-to-day contact, in meetings and in response to weekly campaigning emails and Roadway.

In our dealings with government we aim to be clear, robust and helpful as part of a relationship built on trust.

Contact with government and its agencies is constant and comprehensive, addressing everything from specialist points of detail to major industry issues. By the nature of the relationship, not all of this contact is publicised but the RHA maintains a high degree of information, transparency and accountability to its members.

The RHA is a founder of the award-winning FairFuel UK campaigning alliance, to which we have continue to provide support and ideas. The influential NIESR report of 2002, which provided the detailed economic justification for cutting fuel duty, was funded by the RHA.

The RHA has led lobbying and campaigning on the driver shortage issue. As part of that, we proposed and developed the ground-breaking Driving Britain’s Future project with JobCentre Plus. This project gives JCP customers experience of working in the industry, helps to promote the industry and brings new recruits into the industry. It is already the main vehicle for JCP to understand and serve the industry far better than before and for RHA members to understand what JCP can do for them.

The RHA is active in Brussels as well as Westminster, Holyrood, Cardiff and Stormont and local authorities. It is represented on a number of DfT and local government committees and working groups, ensuring our decision makers give the road haulage and logistics industry the due consideration it deserves.

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