Your Stories

We'd love to hear your stories. If your a Woman in the haulage industry why not tell us about how you got to where you are. Maybe your story could inspire the next generation.

Your Stories - Fianna Hornby 

What's your full name?
Fianna Hornby
What’s your current role and where is this based?
Digital Marketing Executive, Auto Trader UK
What does your role entail?
Attracting over 365,000 visits a month to our website and assisting our customer squad with servicing over 250 truck customers. This is a tricky job as it means I am always juggling a lot.

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Your Stories - Kayleigh Vaughan Davies 

"Hi! My name is Kayleigh Vaughan Davies and I am currently into my sixth month working as a graduate at Tarmac Ltd. I work within the Cement and Lime logistics and supply chain department. I know – what is that? I hear you thinking. So firstly, Cement and Lime simply means I work in the section of the business that produces and supplies two products – Cement and Lime. However, the most interesting and important part of my job title is that I work in Logistics. This is the department that ensures that the products (Cement and Lime!) get where they are supposed to, at the right time, in the correct quantity and at a perfect quality too."

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Your Stories - Michelle Naylor 

"Michelle is a seasoned General Manager with more than 25 years in the Transport and Logistics industry. Her expertise lies in turning around businesses that are under performing either financially or because they don’t have the right talent in place.

Michelle began her career in executive search where she quickly came to realise that the best performing businesses were those who had taken the time to find the right people for the right roles, at the right time in their careers." 

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