Your Stories

We'd love to hear your stories. If your a Woman in the haulage industry why not tell us about how you got to where you are. Maybe your story could inspire the next generation.

Your Stories - Kara Buckley, Single Parent Campaign, Diamond Distribution. 

"I had always been aware that many women that consider having a baby also must consider giving up on their career although I didn’t understand why. I had witnessed colleagues leaving and not returning to work, I have comforted family members in utter heartbreak feeling as though years of hard work had be wasted and seen close friends resort to casual jobs outside of their experience just to bring in a monthly wage to survive. To my horror, when the time came to return to work after having my Son as a Single Mum, the fears I had were quickly brought to life and the battle had begun."

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Your Stories - Lesley O’Brien, Partner Freightlink Europe, Freight Train, Executive Director Road Haulage Association

"I don't know one of my colleagues who made a career choice to work in transport, and I am no different. My passion was languages. My advice to school children now is to follow their passion and the career will follow. That was the case for me. I studied languages and foreign correspondence, but still did not know what to do. Fortunately I was approached by Thompson Holidays to work in Spain. I returned for the winter and obtained what was intended to be a short term job as PA to the northern general manager at a Gondrand, a French company, based locally. Within a short period of time I was running the French and Swiss department and never looked back."

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Your Stories - Sarah Budby, Site Finance Manager, XPO Logistics 

"In 10 years I have gone from a Customer Service Advisor at Natwest Telephone Centre to the Site Finance Manager at XPO Logistics (M&S Distribution Centre). This is my story!
At school I had a passion for music and maths. After my GCSE’s I started to think about what I wanted to do as a career and thought that realistically the music dream was just that, a dream and that I should probably look for a career which had something to do with maths, or what my parents called, “a proper job”. That’s when I decided to become an accountant."

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Your Stories - Jennifer Moss, Operations Manager, XPO

Jennifer gave a talk to a local school and this is her story. 

"After sending out a few speculative emails in October I was invited to speak at Castleford Academy to a group of year 10’s thinking about apprenticeship rather than higher education.

I remember being 15/16 and having absolutely no idea what I wanted to do, I actually remember being 20 and having no idea what I wanted to do! I often wonder if someone had come to my school and ‘sold’ logistics as a career choice; would I have considered it earlier? Could I have been further along in my career? Honestly, the answer is probably no. At 15/16 I wasn’t even thinking about any career and as much as I love it now (and I really do) I would probably have laughed at anyone trying to pitch ‘Logistics’, I didn’t even know what it was."

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Your Stories - Keely Priestman, Managing Director, Diamond Distribution

"I loved school. I was an academic student with 10 A to C GCSE’s, although my only A grade was in Resistant Materials, unusual for a student that had intentions of being a lawyer. I was the Head of Year Prefect and a keen member of the Gifted & Talented group.

After completing my GCSE’s, I left school to study A-Levels at college. In hindsight I would have stayed at 6th form and completing my A-Levels there. There is a huge learning difference between 6th form and college, mainly because you are still treated and coached as young students at 6th form rather being left to your own devises at college.  I was studying Business Studies, English and Law A-Levels."

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Your Stories - Fianna Hornby, Digital Marketing Executive, Auto Trader UK 

What's your full name?
Fianna Hornby
What’s your current role and where is this based?
Digital Marketing Executive, Auto Trader UK
What does your role entail?
Attracting over 365,000 visits a month to our website and assisting our customer squad with servicing over 250 truck customers. This is a tricky job as it means I am always juggling a lot.

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Your Stories - Kayleigh Vaughan Davies , Graduate, Tarmac Ltd

"Hi! My name is Kayleigh Vaughan Davies and I am currently into my sixth month working as a graduate at Tarmac Ltd. I work within the Cement and Lime logistics and supply chain department. I know – what is that? I hear you thinking. So firstly, Cement and Lime simply means I work in the section of the business that produces and supplies two products – Cement and Lime. However, the most interesting and important part of my job title is that I work in Logistics. This is the department that ensures that the products (Cement and Lime!) get where they are supposed to, at the right time, in the correct quantity and at a perfect quality too."

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Your Stories - Michelle Naylor – Regional General Manager, Palletways.

"Michelle is a seasoned General Manager with more than 25 years in the Transport and Logistics industry. Her expertise lies in turning around businesses that are under performing either financially or because they don’t have the right talent in place.

Michelle began her career in executive search where she quickly came to realise that the best performing businesses were those who had taken the time to find the right people for the right roles, at the right time in their careers." 

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