Driver CPC

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) was introduced on the 10 September 2009 and is intended to ensure that vocational drivers meet the increasing demands placed on them - in particular, by improving road safety and promoting the efficient operation of commercial vehicles. It also aims to make the occupation more attractive and accessible to younger people.


The Driver CPC applies to all drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gvw, and includes owner-drivers.

Existing holders of the national/international (transport manager) CPC still need to gain a Driver CPC if they wish to drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes for hire or reward.

The Driver CPC is split into two sections:

1.    Initial qualification – this section is for new drivers who pass their C1 or Category C test on or after the 10 September 2009

2.    Periodic training – this section is for drivers who held a minimum of C1 licence before the 10 September 2009. Drivers who fall into this category must have completed 35 hours of periodic training by the 9 September 2014 (2013 for PCV drivers) in order to continue driving professionally. On completion of their 35 hours of training they should have been issued with a Driver Qualification Card (DQC), which is proof they hold a Driver CPC. It is a requirement that a further 35 hours training is completed every five years thereafter. ADR training can count towards the periodic training requirement.

Further information

For further information contact the helpdesk, your area manager or regional office. Alternatively, to view our range of Driver CPC courses, click here.