London Congestion Charge

The London Congestion Charging Scheme is designed to reduce congestion and make journey and delivery times in the capital more reliable.

How much do I have to pay?

The current daily charge of £11.50 applies to all vehicles (except those that are exempt) entering the zone on weekdays only between the hours of 7.00am and 6.00pm, excluding bank holidays and between the 25 December and 1 January inclusive.

Those enrolled in the Auto Pay scheme will pay a reduced daily charge of £10.50.


Payment options

Drivers who regularly enter the charging zone can pre-register and pay a fee. Otherwise, they can pay the £11.50 daily fee by credit card through a dedicated call centre or by buying carnets from newsagents, convenience stores, as well as ticket terminals in car parks, hospitals and other local amenities.

You can also register to pay using the text message payment service, either by visiting and clicking ‘register online’, or by calling 0845 900 1234 and asking to register for a Fast Track card account and the SMS payment service.

Companies with more than six vehicles that regularly enter the charging zone can pre-register for a Fleet Auto Pay by paying a registration fee of £10 per vehicle, per year and establishing a monthly direct debit payment system. In this automated scheme, the congestion charge is £10.50 per charging day, per vehicle.

Any driver who has not pre-paid for their entry into the charging zone has up until midnight that day to pay. A charge of £14 applies if you pay by midnight on the following charging day however, a next day payment can only be carried out by calling the call centre (0845 900 1234) or visiting the website (

What happens if I fail to pay?

Failure to pay the daily charge will result in evaders incurring a £130 PCN.  This will be issued to the vehicle owner and if paid within 14 days the charge will be reduced to £65.
Failure to pay the penalty charge within 28 days will increase the penalty charge to £195. If this happens, a charge certificate will be sent to the registered keeper or hirer of the vehicle advising them of the increase and that action to recover the debt will be taken.

If the outstanding charge is still not paid then this could result in further action including registration of the outstanding debt with the county court and possibly the appointment of bailiffs to try and recover the debt. Vehicles with three or more outstanding congestion charges may be clamped or removed.


Vehicles running on gas or electricity are exempt after paying a £10 registration fee. All other commercial vehicles are included in the congestion charging scheme, unless they are emergency service vehicles or are vehicles on municipal duty.