London Operations

In many areas, heavy vehicles must follow pre-specified routes and therefore, may be prohibited from following others. Certain geographical areas, especially London, also impose bans on the movement or parking of goods vehicles. These bans and restrictions will always be marked with appropriate signs and drivers must always observe and obey them.

London Operations 

Lorry routes, traffic bans and controls

The London Lorry Control Scheme

At certain times of the day, vehicles over 18 tonnes gross weight are prohibited from travelling along many routes through Greater London, unless the operator holds an exemption permit. Note: the requirement for vehicles to display permits has been removed. Applications for exemption permits should be sent to:

Traffic Management Order,
London Lorry Control Scheme,
London Councils,
59½ Southwark Street,
SE1 0AL.

When does the ban apply?

•    Sunday, at all times

•    Monday to Friday from midnight to 7.00am and from 9.00pm to midnight

•    Saturday from midnight to 7.00am and from 1.00pm to midnight

Further information

For further advice on this scheme call 0844 847 0876 or email at:

Alternatively, contact the helpdesk, or your regional office.