Safe Driving

As part of its Good Driving Campaign, the RHA proactively works hard to build on the culture of good driving that exists among professional truck drivers in the UK. The industry has a good record but we must never be complacent and should always be looking to do better. Being vigilant will help to ensure that high standards of safety continue.


The fundamental rules of driving in a way that is safe, respectful of other road users and fuel-efficient need not be complicated. They include:

•    Being in the right gear

•    Avoiding speeding up to junctions

•    Braking with unnecessary force

•    Switching off the engine when not in use.

On-board computers and telematics, which are available in modern HGVs, have opened up new possibilities for managers to effectively monitor how a truck is being driven. We encourage operators to use the systems available as a means of improving driver performance. This will enable the UK haulage industry to further improve driving standards and become the model of success for other road user categories.

The current edition of the Highway Code is full of useful legal references with regards to the do’s and don’ts of the road user, as well as road safety advice which, while not law in itself, highlights the correct procedures which, if not followed may result in prosecution for an offence.

For more information on health and safety in road transport including:

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•    Reporting work accidents

•    Risk assessment

•    Risk management for operators

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•    Manual handling

•    Safe and secure loading

•    Safety of loads

•    Sheeting of loads

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•    Coupling trailers and demountable bodies

•    Tipping vehicles and skip-loaders

•    Fork-lift truck safety

•    Safety in docks

•    Health and safety issues in distribution premises

•    Lifting regulations

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•    Speed limiters

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