Tachograph Compliance

Tachographs record driving activity against time, speed and distance travelled by a vehicle fitted with such a device. Digital tachographs can record additional events and activities. The use of tachographs for record-keeping purposes in vehicles operating within the scope of the EU Drivers’ Hours rules is governed by EU Regulations EU561/2006 and EU165/2014.

The following specific requirements must be met:

•    The tachograph instrument must be of an approved type

•    The instrument must be calibrated and sealed at an approved Tachograph Centre

•    The instrument must be used in accordance with the regulations, with individual responsibilities being observed by operator and driver

•    Analogue tachograph charts approval number must match that of the tachograph head. (“e” number)

•    Digital Print Out Rolls must be of the correct quality and specification.

Note: The information above may differ for Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Further information

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