ABS Warning Lamps

Following strong lobbying by the RHA and other trade associations, DVSA implemented changes to roadside enforcement policy, downgrading its response to situations where a yellow ABS warning lamp illuminates during a journey.

The Construction and Use Regulations 1986 permits a vehicle to continue with a journey or, be taken to a place of repair if the ABS warning lamp illuminates during the journey. This concession is based on the assumption the system was functioning correctly, when the journey commenced.

The revised procedure requires DVSA examiners to seek evidence/information from the driver that the defect occurred en route. Drivers must have evidence at the time of examination indicating that the defect occurred while on that journey and that appropriate action was taken and documented by the driver. Only when completely satisfied that the driver and operator have followed the guidance (below) will DVSA issue an inspection notice as opposed to a prohibition notice.

Please follow this link for further guidance:

ABS warning lamp flow chart