RHA Analysis - New and Improved

Launched in November 2017, the new and improved RHA Analysis includes a range of new features and is faster to use, easier to navigate and has a more user-friendly interface.


RHA Analysis is designed for all fleet sizes and sectors – whether you are digital, analogue or mixed. Used by many of the leading transport providers in the UK, RHA Analysis enables hauliers to manage their tachograph and compliance requirements. 


Features include:

  • NEW Earned Recognition report
  • NEW multi-site control features
  • NEW secure online documentation management
  • NEW secure digital signature capability
  • NEW time management and rota tool
  • NEW driver portal tracking infringements
  • NEW unlimited vehicle downloads
  • NEW unlimited online data storage
  • NEW tachograph infringement and faults reporting
  • IMPROVED integration with RHA Daily Defect App
  • IMPROVED search functionality
  • IMPROVED vehicle calendar

Benefits include:

  • Dedicated support team
  • Reduce infringements and DVSA penalties
  • Reduced cost by increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Improved quality of analysis and turnaround times
  • Reduced hardware and software expenditure
  • No installation and maintenance fees
  • Increased compliance visibility and control
  • No need for local IT services


See just how quick and easy RHA Analysis is by watching our demo videos below

Create-and-edit-automated-reports-(1).jpg Determine-your-Earned-Recognition-status.jpg
Investigate-infringements-and-interrogate-data-(1).jpg Upload-documentation.jpg
View-customise-your-dashboard-(2).jpg View-your-vehicle-calendar-(1).jpeg

It’s faster, easier to navigate and has a host of new features, contact the Analysis team on 01733 263 434 or email enquiries@rhaanalysis.uk.net to find out how RHA Analysis can easily help your business to stay compliant.