Compliance Audits & Contracts of Employment

One of the most common problems raised by RHA members is disputes with employees and ex-employees regarding the terms and conditions of employment.


RHA “O” Licence Compliance Audits

It’s important for members to feel assured that they comply with the undertakings they gave when applying for their Operator’s Licence.  The RHA can help provide this peace of mind through its compliance audits which are designed to assess whether or not you continue to comply with the wide range legislation that applies to you as a road haulier.

You will receive a comprehensive report of our findings, together with easy to understand guidance on how to deal with any areas of improvement that is necessary.

The audit includes:

  • The Operator’s Licence – details on the licence, the type of licence, conditions attached, adequate margins and vehicle inspection intervals etc.
  • Insurance requirements and supplier contracts – are there current and valid insurance certificates for motor vehicles, employer’s and public liability, goods-in-transit etc.
  • Employment matters including contracts of employment – is there an up-to-date job application being used; are driver licence and qualifications confirmed; are agency drivers being checked and have written T&Cs of employment been issued?
  • Health and Safety – for example: does the company have a written health and safety policy, procedures and risk assessments in place?
  • Maintenance arrangement and facilities – are systems in place, which align with the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness?  This can include defect reporting; brake testing; tyre depth and smoke emission checks.
  • Management controls for EU Drivers’ Hours and Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations – are procedures in place to ensure tachograph records are checked and infringements are dealt with?
  • Operational issues such as driving licences and overloading – are driving licence checks carried out regularly and are there procedures in place to prevent overloading?



RHA bespoke Contracts of Employment service

The law states that employees must be given basic written terms and conditions of employment no later than the first day they start work. These T&Cs should include information on the employer’s formal disciplinary and grievance procedures.

RHA Contracts of Employment are carefully drafted to clearly set out your conditions and in turn, help you to avoid any employee disputes.  Additionally, they include clauses that permit you to make deductions from salaries for employee costs such as personal mobile phone bills. 

A visit to your premises by your area manager is available if you require further support to help understand the different contracts that are available.  


The RHA Recruitment, Selection and Induction Manual

When a new employee is recruited, a company must make sure it obtains all the required information and documents so that company records can be maintained. The RHA Recruitment, Selection and Induction Manual assists an employer when considering the skills and knowledge required for the vacancy and will help select the most suitable candidate. Once employed, it will ensure the required records are created to support their induction.


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