Driving Greener Business

Driving Greener Business

Throughout November, we are highlighting some of the work that is being done by our sector to decarbonise, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve its environmental impact.

With Transport Day taking place at COP26 in Glasgow on 10th November, we want to showcase the steps being taken and highlight the opportunities and challenges associated with meeting net zero targets.


When HGVs account for 4.3% of overall UK greenhouse emissions, we know our sector must play its part to decarbonise. However, our success on improving air quality where NOx emissions have fallen by over 60% since 2013 shows how decarbonisation can be achieved with investment in vehicle standards and new technologies forming an important part of the drive to reduce CO2 emissions.


Success stories

Many of our members are already undertaking initiatives to decarbonise their operations and improve their impact on the environment. This month we’ll be sharing a number of success stories on how members are, as part of a plan, introducing new green technology. 


These include how businesses are reducing emissions from their vehicles as well as making their business operations more energy efficient, in many cases to attract new customers and drive further business opportunities. In sharing these case studies, we aim to stimulate conversation and learning amongst the RHA membership and wider industry.


More stories to follow soon…


Want to get involved?


There are already some great initiatives taking place across all road transport sectors and areas of our membership, from haulage to vans and coaches. If you’re an active RHA member and would like to tell your story, please contact your area representative.


Our policy stance

There is much work to be done across all sectors of road transport and supply chains to achieve net zero. Our work with members, Government and policy makers will help us to identify what is needed in order to reach this goal in a way that is realistic, sustainable and appropriate for our members.


The RHA will continue to respond from any announcements from government during COP26 and look forward to remaining a constructive partner in building a greener future for our industry and members.