RHA Messenger 08 March

8th March 2017

Hammond targets levy and air quality

Chancellor Philip Hammond signalled possibly radical changes to the HGV road user levy in today’s budget and also new measures on air quality.

The levy could change from a time-based to a distance-based charge and could have different charge levels depending on the trucks emission levels.

We will be meeting treasury officially very shortly. A consultation on air quality is expected in the 2 weeks which could lead to further restrictions on where older trucks can go.

Meanwhile fuel duty, the vehicle excise duty for trucks and HGV levy rates remain unchanged.


Road charging in Brussels

Director of policy Jack Semple spoke at a two-day road user charging conference in Brussels today.

He urged that schemes be simple, fair, and work efficiently. Too many schemes are complex, expensive and lack a clear rationale.

Semple defended the HGV levy in the U.K, which was started by current chancellor Philip Hammond and is now set for review.


DVSA wants O’Licence overhaul

DVSA chief executive Gareth Llewelyn says the operator licensing system is “right for review”. He was commenting on BBC File on Four following the Bath tipper incident.


BBC on Bath tipper crash

DVSA systems need to be more effective in weeding out operators who should not be in the industry, the RHA has said.

The association was responding to a hard-hitting report by the BBC’s File on Four in the wake of the Bath tipper crash sentencing, in which a haulage boss and vehicle technician received long jail terms for manslaughter. 

Click HERE for the link to tonight's BBC radio File on Four programme  - Rogue Hauliers.


Enforcement against foreign hauliers

The RHA is stepping up its campaign for more effective enforcement against foreign operators, on issues ranging from the national living wage to a ban on taking the 45-hour rest break in the cab and illegal cabotage. Supportive evidence from members is welcome.


LST permits online now

Members can now apply for some of the 1,000 new permits to run longer semi-trailers, using the DfT opening the online application process HERE.

The RHA notes that the process emphasises that applications should only be made where there is a firm intention to order and should not be speculative. We support that position.

Most LST operators are RHA member companies. Advice is available to members from RHA head of technical Ray Engley, r.engley@rha.uk.net


A27 bypass scheme cancelled

A major bypass scheme on the A27 at Chichester has been axed by the Department for Transport, in a shock move that has undermined confidence in the government’s roads programme.

We have called on the government to re-open the scheme.

Click HERE for the RHA press release.


DVLA medical fitness update 

DVLA has updated the ‘Assessing fitness to drive: a guide for medical professionals’ on 7th March.

The main changes are in the first two chapters and include dizziness and heart disease.


HSE tackles toilets

The RHA has been lobbying the Department for Transport and the Health and Safety Executive, in partnership with Truckers Toilets UK, to force improvements in facilities for drivers at some distribution centres.

We understand that HSE has now started to take action, with what we expect to be a successful outcome with at least one major supermarket chain.

We welcome information on sub-standard facilities at distribution centres, which we will of course treat in confidence.