We're passionate about spreading the word of haulage to the younger generation to ensure we don't lose them to other sectors - but we need your help. Together we can inspire people to join this amazing industry.

At the RHA we know that the haulage industry is the life-blood of the country, and we want to make sure the rest of the country knows it too! 

We're calling on RHA members to help us promote the industry to schools, communities and colleges so that we can attract the next generation of workers into our industry. 

Feel free to download and print the assets on this page to take with you to an event or a schools presentation to engage the younger generation.

We sometimes have goodies like baloons and stickers too - so get in touch if you want any of these for your event. 

Colouring in  
Spot the difference  
Haulage industry fact sheet  
Haulage industry quiz sheet  
Careers poster for schools and colleges  
Careers booklet