How Does The RHA Support The Industry?

How Does The RHA Support The Industry?

29 Jan 2024 Posted By Richard Smith

RHA Managing Director Richard Smith outlines the importance of haulage to the UK economy.

I was talking recently at an event at a university and was asked why the Road Haulage sector was so vital to the country, communities, and economy of this country. I was also asked what the RHA do to support this. My response in summary terms was:

• Notwithstanding many sectors are important but as I represent the RHA we provide day to day support to the members and our Policy Advocacy approach is one of collaboration to seek clarity, certainty to allow investment.

• Our members and the industry are the lifeline of supply chains, ensuring goods reach every part of the logistics process and all 4 nations within the UK. This covers essential just in time supplies, to leisure, manufacturing, food, construction items.

• The Road haulage industry is a significant employer providing countless jobs that support communities, families and large commerce.

• Irrespective if it is urban centres or rural communities our members facilitate connectivity reducing geographical barriers and driving economic growth across regions.

• In such a fast-paced world which is changing every year , our members deliver efficiency and reliability, transporting goods for business and consumers to use.

• More and more the industry embraces innovation from the road to net zero to supporting changing supply chains.

• Through thick and thin, adverse weather, pandemics, recessions our members have and do show resilience, the good keep moving !

• The economic impact of our members is immense, they play a pivotal role in contributing to the GDP supporting the economic health of the nation.

At the end of the talk I reflected on the above and in light of all the economic, commercial, people, challenges we all face it makes you proud to say you do represent this industry and thank you to all who support us all day in day out doing the above.

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