Roadway Update 22 July 2020

22nd July 2020

RHA lobbying results in Govt HGV MOT testing review

As a result of relentless lobbying by the RHA, the Government has just announced a review into the current heavy vehicle testing provision over the coming months.

Ministers say the review will focus on understanding whether current roadworthiness testing is fit for purpose and provide evidence as to whether it supports or hinders the effective operation of the haulage and logistics industries.

See Baroness Vere’s letter to RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett for more details.


Brexit & Borders: Your questions answered

Find out what the upcoming changes to the UK/EU border will mean for your business.

All importers and exporters will need to make a number of changes to their business to prepare for the end of the Brexit transition period.

The RHA has provided a detailed Q&A, explaining how cross-border trade with Europe will work next year after the Brexit transition period.

You can read the full document here.


Government to ban HGV tyres over 10 years old from front axles

The Government will ban tyres aged 10 years and older from HGV front wheel axles later this year.

The ban follows an extensive investigation, including research commissioned by the Department for Transport, which indicates ageing tyres suffer corrosion which could cause them to fail.

It will be illegal to fit tyres aged 10 years or older to the front wheels of lorries, buses and coaches, and all wheels of minibuses.

You can read more on RoadwayLive here.


Ministers pledge improved lorry parking

Ministers have appointed a consultant Richard Aitken-Davies as a non-executive director on the Department for Transport Board to help tackle the lorry parking crisis.

In a letter to the RHA, transport secretary, Grant Shapps and roads minister, Baroness Vere acknowledged that current parking provision falls short.

They said applications for new sites face significant hurdles in the planning system which can frustrate developers.

The RHA estimates there’s a shortage of 11,000 lorry parking spaces each night.

You can read their letter here.

London e-scooter trials: Have your say

The RHA is encouraging members to complete a Transport for London (TfL) survey on the prospect of a Rental Electric Scooter trial in London.

The purpose of TfL’s survey is to determine if further changes to e-scooter legislation is needed, and to understand whether e-scooters have a role in restarting the transport network in light of coronavirus.

You can take part in the TfL survey here.


DVSA: No driving tests in HGVs with screens in the cab

DVSA HGV driving test examiners will not conduct driving tests in vehicles that have a screen fitted between the driver and front passenger.

This is because these screens:
• can restrict the candidate’s vision of the road
• may prevent a quick exit from the vehicle in an emergency
• prevent an instructor or examiner taking action in the event of an emergency, for example by using the steering wheel
• may cause injury in a crash if the air bags or other restraint systems are deployed