Roadway Update 21 April 2021

21st April 2021

Smart Motorways – we welcome the Government’s commitment to making them safer

We’ve welcomed the Government’s progress towards making smart motorways safer, but urge them to do more.

Officials have confirmed that the technology which spots stopped or broken-down vehicles will be in place before any new ‘All Lane Running’ (ALR) motorway is opened. Furthermore, existing ALR motorways will have the technology fitted six months earlier than originally planned.

RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett said he was pleased to hear the Government’s pledge as Highways England published their ‘Smart motorways stocktake first year progress report 2021.

“We will support the Government to promote smart motorway safety across our sector.” he added

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Decarbonisation – our vision on how we can get to net zero

We’re urging the Government to set out an evidence-based decarbonisation plan that works for users and the environment.

Our call comes in our recently updated vision on how our sectors can achieve net zero Eliminate, Minimise, Offset.

RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett said: “A more inclusive approach to decarbonisation – one which takes account of the need for business to have confidence to invest in new equipment – is essential. Our updated policy paper sets out clear recommendations to steer the next steps.”

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Kent Access Permits and Operation Brock barrier standing down

The Kent Access Permit (KAP) were stood down yesterday (Tuesday 20 April). It’s been mandatory from 1 January for all HGVs using the Dover Strait crossings from GB to EU.

The Operation Brock barrier on the M20 will be removed this weekend (24 & 25 April). The barrier and its contraflow system has been used to keep roads open and traffic moving.

Hauliers will still have continued access to support on border requirements at 46 Information and Advice Sites with the busiest sites remaining in place until at least August.

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Van regulation is changing for international operators – how will this affect you?

From the middle of next year, International Operator’s Licences will be required for vans above 2.5t up to and including 3.5t maximum gross vehicle weight carrying goods for ‘hire or reward’ internationally.

Changes coming in from 21 May 2022 as a result of the Brexit trade deal will mean UK vans will need to carry a copy of the ‘UK Licence for the Community’ when moving goods internationally.

Van operators – we want to hear what this means for you so we can help the Department for Transport (DfT) understand the challenges these changes will bring.

Please take a few minutes to answers these questions by next Friday (30 April).

We’ll treat your personal information in the strictest confidence. We might contact you again for more information if this helps DfT with their assessments.


Roadworthiness tests due in the autumn? Bring them forward if you can

If your trucks and trailers are due roadworthiness testing between August and November, DVSA asks if you’d consider bringing your dates forward to the summer months.

This is to relieve the pressure on authorised testing facilities (ATFs) after last year’s exemptions have skewed testing schedules.

They say May to July will be much quieter so it’ll be easier to secure your tests than in the busier autumn months. Find a test centre for your MOT and check availability.

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DVSA – More theory tests in England and Wales

DVSA has opened ten temporary theory test centres to make inroads into huge backlogs due to Covid restrictions. The centres have popped up in Cambridge, Huddersfield, Leeds (x2), London (x3), Manchester (x2) and Wolverhampton.

Appointments for vocational drivers and trainers have been earmarked at 7am each day at the temporary centres for vocational theory tests.

Officials have also announced that most theory test centres will operate longer hours between 10 May and 30 June.

Some centres will be open earlier and later than usual, and in some cases will be open on days of the week they don’t normally operate (weekends).

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