Drivers are one of the most important elements to any modern logistical operation.

In order to succeed in this role you must have an eye for detail, a steady hand and well-focused customer care skills. Drivers are the life blood of the transport and logistics industry and provide the means by which the population is kept clothed, fed, fuelled and in good health.

Driving is a stable, customer facing role that can be very rewarding and challenging at the same time. Imagine watching the sunset come up as you drive over Slochd summit en route from Inverness to Glasgow or the site of Stonehenge looming on the horizon as you drive down the A303 towards Yeovil in Somerset. That load won't get there by itself. It takes dedication, determination and an excellent standard of road craft to be successful as a driver and get it to the customer.

Without drivers the economy would grind to a halt and without the economy life as we know would be very difficult.