LST Bureaucracy - RHA Campaigning for Solutions

LST Bureaucracy - RHA Campaigning for Solutions

18 Sep 2023 Posted By Joe Scotting

We and some of our members are still concerned about onerous administrative processes on longer semi-trailers (LSTs) after meeting with DfT.

Safety is paramount but there is too much bureaucracy making LSTs unworkable for many when new requirements come in after transition period ends on 30 November.

Every route must be individually risk assessed and drivers required to hold copies of paperwork and route plan – this is despite these not being required during the 12-year trial.

Some members are already parking up their LSTs as these processes are creating inefficiencies and driving up costs.. This also means missed opportunities to reduce emissions from the supply chain.

We’re working with our members to take forward solutions and urge ministers to revise the guidance.

We’ll keep you updated.

What are your thoughts?

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