RHA rubbishes reports unqualified teenagers will be able to drive HGVs

RHA rubbishes reports unqualified teenagers will be able to drive HGVs

09 Aug 2022 Posted By James Evison

The government is set to consult on pre-1997 rights which allowed a wider range of vehicles to be driven by people of any age.

Rod McKenzie, Executive Director - Policy and Public Affairs

This is part of the so-called Brexit dividend, as ministers want to sweep away EU rules which are felt to be unnecessary.

This has been widely reported in the media with alarming headlines implying unqualified teenagers will be able to drive HGVs – or car drivers will be allowed to get behind the wheel of a 44 tonner.

This is simply untrue. But any tweaking of the laws must, the RHA says, put safety first – and make sure that our very high standards of lorry driver training are maintained.

Sensibly, the minister responsible has sent the consultation – which runs until 28 October 2022 – to hear the views of those who are involved in the industry so that logistics remains safe and efficient.

The facts are the consultation is for C1 up to 7.5 tonnes and D1 up to 16 passengers only.

That was the original entitlement for anyone who passed their test before 1997 already has on their license.

You can see the consultation document here.

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