PM postpones diesel and petrol car ban to 2035: RHA reaction

PM postpones diesel and petrol car ban to 2035: RHA reaction

21 Sep 2023 Posted By Joe Scotting

Our statement following the Prime Minister’s announcement on postponing ban on sale of new diesel and petrol cars to 2035:

We seek urgent clarity from government on what today’s announcement means for the future of HGVs and coaches. Businesses looking to play their part on the road to net zero need certainty, not delays.

Government needs to collaborate with industry to come up with a detailed plan that provides certainty for investment, drives innovation, and directs support for those who want to do the right thing. This is the only way to bring down costs and encourage companies to make the switch to net zero in the long term. Simply changing deadlines without a clear plan in place will do neither.

We will continue to seek the clarity and certainty our industry urgently needs to bring costs down.

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