RHA Messenger 15 March

15th March 2017

Eastern European hauliers

The role of Eastern European hauliers in the UK and other western European markets was examined this morning (Wednesday) on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme. It gave the RHA an opportunity to highlight its case for much more effective enforcement against foreign operators, including a ban on taking the 45-hour weekend break in the cab and enforcement of the National Living Wage.

We are pressing the case for enforcement with both the Department for Transport and HM Treasury/HMRC. The proportion of Britain’s HGV traffic taken by foreign hauliers soared by almost 50% in the two years to the end of 2015.

Please see HERE for Jack Semple interview on the Victoria Darbyshire’s show.


Consignors at fault on loading

A new report from the Health and Safety Executive highlights an apparent lack of knowledge across the distribution chain as to who is responsible for load safety. Load securing has improved considerably over the intervening years but consignors are still hiding behind the driver and operator, the report finds.

The RHA welcomes the report, which could usefully be used by members when speaking with customers and consignors. 


London lorry ban blasted

London Councils hosted a review of the London Lorry Control Scheme last week. The RHA, the Federation of Small Business and the Noise Abatement Society provided the panel and around 100 operators attended.

In answer to what improvements are needed four key changes stood out: the unrestricted routes (maddeningly called the excluded network) should be more extensive; the scheme should not apply to road construction or infrastructure works traffic at all; the restrictions should end earlier in the morning to be of use to most supply chains; and the penalty system needs to be fairer.

Operators also challenged why the scheme existed at all.

Anyone wishing to comment please email: d.buchanan@rha.uk.net  and your views will be passed on to the review.

The RHA policy position can be viewed HERE. 


Faster roadworks speeds

Highways England (HE) is piloting the use of both 55 and 60mph speed limits through roadworks. Chief executive Jim O’Sullivan says it is "a new benefit to road users on many new schemes from 2017”. 

Trials of the 60mph speed limit are already underway within three scenarios: the lead into and exit from roadworks;   where HE is proving system reliability after installing new technology; during a public holiday/weekend when no work is taking place on site.

HE is now planning to trial a 55mph speed limit. 

The RHA has been invited by HE to help identify any risks and appropriate responses.

Feedback from members is welcome: j.semple@rha.uk.net


HGVs and pedestrian deaths

DfT minister Andrew Brown has published statistics comparing the number of pedestrians killed and injured by HGVs, buses/coaches, and cyclists in 2015. He was responding to a question by John Redwood and the figures suggest that buses pose a comparable or worse threat of death to HGVs, and have a far worse injury record.

Incidents involving HGVs killed 50 pedestrians against 28 with buses/coaches and two with cyclists. DfT statistics show that HGVs covered 16.7 billion miles (46% on motorways) against 2.7 billion miles by buses/coaches; and covered 2.3 billion miles on urban roads against 1.6 billion miles covered by buses. Details can be found HERE:

There were 409 pedestrian deaths in total.


Apprenticeships green light

RHA deputy policy director Colin Snape set out the apprenticeship opportunities available to employers at a member meeting in Peterborough last night, the first in a series of regional meetings. Members were urged to take action on the driving, warehousing and traffic office apprenticeships and to alert the RHA to any problems they may encounter.