RoadwayUpdate 13 March

13th March 2019

HoC Committee confirms RHA's Brexit fears

The RHA is not surprised by the Public Accounts Committee’s findings, that the government has fallen short in it’s Brexit preparations. 

Commenting, RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: 

“For the past 18 months we have strongly voiced our concerns to government officials, specifically to the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling. Each time our concerns were met with the same response: that UK international hauliers had nothing to worry about.

“We have never shared Mr Grayling’s optimism and this report confirms our doubts.”

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Operation Stack in force

As a result of poor weather conditions in the English Channel, Operation Stack, Stage 1 (M20, junctions 8-9 coastbound) is now in place.

“This will ease the flow of traffic into Dover as a result of bad weather causing delays to cross Channel traffic”, said RHA chief executive Richard Burnett.

“But If we leave the EU without a deal and the authorities on the French side use Kent roads as a traffic filter, the repercussions for Kent residents and business could be disastrous”.

See Highways England’s Twitter page for the latest Op Stack updates.


Truckers caught up in French customs dispute

The Road Haulage Association is very concerned that French customs action is leaving lorry drivers vulnerable to migrant attacks.

Members have reported chaos at French Channel ports and the Eurotunnel as customs officials are said to be working to rule in a dispute over working conditions and fears of a no-deal Brexit.

One haulier told the RHA they abandoned a number of planned Channel crossings last week after migrants tried to break into a lorry whilst the driver was held in a queue for 12 hours outside Dunkirk.

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Brexit – Checklist updated

The RHA has published its latest Brexit checklist for haulage operators.

This document provides updates on international permits, driving licenses, EORI numbers, Trailer Registration and Green Cards. 

A further update is expected to be released next week. 

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RHA Diversity & Inclusion Workshop

The RHA marked International Women’s Day with a very successful Diversity & Inclusion Workshop.

Speakers from across the industry came together to share their experience, give useful advice and promote diversity within haulage. 

Clipper Logistics hosted the event, with their head of resourcing Jennifer Swain saying:

“We feel really passionately about the importance of diversity and inclusion within logistics”.

See the workshop for yourself in the RHA’s latest video.


Scottish woman becomes first female veteran to retrain as haulier

Morag Waygood of Dalbeattie, has newly qualified as a HGV driver after retraining with SWS RnR. 

The charity runs two training programmes to help get ex-service personnel through the theory test to enable them to start driver training for the haulage industry.

Heather said: "I had served in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps for four or five years but it was around 20 years ago so I didn’t think they’d be able to help.

“However, they help all veterans. I did the training with Nithcree in Dumfries – I’ve done training with a number of companies and they are the best, they are a great bunch.”

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