RoadwayUpdate 28 August

28th August 2019

Fuel duty dropping?

The RHA welcomes new reports that Boris Johnson has recognised the impact of fuel duty. Senior sources have confirmed the Prime Minister is considering a 2p per litre fuel duty cut, the first in eight years.

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “After many years of tireless lobbying in conjunction with Fair Fuel UK it seems that the penny, quite literally, is beginning to drop. It’s apparent that the Prime Minister and the Chancellor are listening to us."

“For years UK hauliers have been operating at a disadvantage to their European counterparts. A cut in fuel duty will go some way to levelling the playing field with the rest of Europe.

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Supercabs take to M1

Tom Cotton, the RHA’s head of licensing and infrastructure policy, has commented on the results of the Highways England initiative to improve road safety on the M1.

Hitting out at dangerous drivers, he said: “A minority of drivers think it’s okay to endanger other road users by taking unnecessary risks behind the wheel – it’s not.

“No phone call or text is so urgent that it can’t wait until the driver is safely parked. We’re pleased to see police and Highways England working together on initiatives to improve road safety.”

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United pallet weight guidance

Paul Johnson, chairman of the RHA's Transport, Warehousing and Pallet Distribution Group (TWPDG) has called for new HSE guidelines on pallet weights and tail lift deliveries.

He wants all pallet network hauliers and operators carrying out tail lift deliveries to get involved with the TWPDG. Together, Paul believes these businesses will be able to better prepare for the new HSE guidance, which is due in December.

After increasing concern over the number of accidents, injuries and deaths caused by delivery drivers having to move heavy pallets, the HSE and an industry working group teamed up to develop a guidance document.

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Catalytic converter theft 

Motorists across the UK and Ireland are being warned about a rise in catalytic converter theft. A recent spate has seen gangs removing the devices from vehicles for their valuable metals.

There are suggestions that gangs are working on a ‘rota’ system, targeting different areas at different times. Mechanical cutters or wire saws are used to remove them, often damaging other components. Targeted vehicles include Mercedes Sprinter Vans as well as early models of the Toyota Prius and Yaris.

So far warnings have been issued in Cambridgeshire, Dewsbury, Nottinghamshire, Surrey and St Ives. In Ireland Limerick, Clare, Galway, Longford, Offaly and Laois have been warned. But of course, thefts are not restricted to these areas. The RHA recommends all drivers remain vigilant when leaving their vehicles unattended.

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Reimagine road closures

TfL has launched a travel advice page ahead of London’s Reimagine event for World Car Free Day on Sunday 22 September.

Extensive closures and restrictions will be in place throughout the City of London, Southwark and Tower Hamlets from 07:00 until 19:00. Surrounding areas are expected to remain busy following the re-opening of the roads.

A number of boroughs will also be running their own local events to coincide with World Car Free Day, with some road closures.

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Let's celebrate National Lorry Week

The RHA's fifth annual National Lorry Week (NLW) will return 16-22 September 2019. It's your chance to get the UK to #LoveTheLorry!

With the release of a brand-new NLW toolkit, you can download and share amazing industry facts and infographics about the industry. Remember to use the #LoveTheLorry hashtag while sharing on Social Media.

Head over to the NLW event page to download the toolkit now.