RoadwayUpdate 18 September

18th September 2019

National Lorry Week

It’s National Lorry Week and the industry has been pulling out all the stops to get the UK to #lovethelorry.

Videos, pictures and post have been shared all over social media with the love the lorry hashtag. You can follow along for yourself on Twitter. Plus it’s not too late to get involved! Just use #lovethelorry on social media to be in with a chance of winning a £100 voucher.

Some great stories have already been shared, like Kirsten Latimer's. After passing her category C HGV driving test earlier this year, she’s fulfilling her long-time dream – making her living driving a lorry.

“I’ve always loved driving big vehicles… But because you never saw any lady truck drivers, I didn’t think it was possible.” Get the full story on RoadwayLive.

A big thanks to the National Lorry Week sponsors: Goodyear, Driver Hire and SNAP.


Brexit Business Readiness Roadshow

The Brexit Business Readiness Roadshow launched this week. The month-long tour supporting the government-wide ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ campaign, will visit 30 major towns and cities across the UK, starting with Northampton, Nottingham, Swindon and London.

The events will bring together expertise from BEIS sector teams and other government departments including the Home Office, HMRC, DIT, DEFRA and DCMS.

Interactive support will be on offer as well as in-depth advice sessions for businesses in the run-up to 31 October. All business are invited and attendance is free. Find out more online.

For the latest Brexit news, including the release of the Yellowhammer papers, head over to RoadwayLive.


Clean Air Zone update

Hauliers operating pre-Euro VI trucks are facing £50 daily charges to enter a clean air zone in Newcastle. Town hall chiefs will consult on the plans before submitting a business case to the Government by the end of the year.

RHA spokesman for environment and regulation, Chris Ashley told Motor Transport:

“Hitting firms with £50 daily charges would spell disaster for many small operators struggling on paper-thin margins. Many hauliers will see this plan as nothing more than an opportunity to impose a stealth tax on their businesses.”

In the meantime, Leeds has confirmed their clean air zone won’t see the light of day until at least July. A Government delay in setting up key infrastructure has pushed it back from its planned January launch. Read more on the Leeds CAZ on RoadwayLive.


London traffic disruption

Traffic disruption is expected on Friday and Sunday for events in central London.

The Met Police expect impromptu road closures – particularly in the Strand – during Friday’s Global Climate Strike demonstrations in the capital. Keep up to date with the latest traffic updates. 

Sunday’s World Car Free Day will see extensive road closures in the capital between 07.00hrs – 19.00hrs. Check Transport for London’s travel advice page for updates.

As well as events taking place in London, several roads will be closed in Leeds on Sunday.

Parts of three busy roads in Leeds will be closed during the event:

  • Boroughghate in Otley
  • North Lane in Headingley
  • Tempest Road in Beeston Hill

Check out RoadwayLive for more infomation.


RHA condemns dangerous abnormal loads

The RHA is reminding all operators carrying abnormal loads to ensure they’re following the correct safety procedures and condemns the actions of hauliers who flout the rules.

This follows a number of prosecutions by DVSA against unscrupulous and in some cases reckless heavy haulage operators.

These hauliers used Special Type General Order (STGO) vehicles, overloaded well beyond their design weight and with untrained drivers. Overloading and using the wrong vehicles and trailers to transport abnormal loads presents a real danger to the public and undercuts lawful operators.

Read the full story on RoadwayLive.


Six tips to improve fuel efficiency

GOV.UK’s Moving On blog, has posted six tips and tricks to help improving fuel efficiency.

Published alongside National Lorry Week, the guide provides some helpful infomation on getting the most out of every gallon.

From anticipating the actions of other drivers to using air conditioning, there’s some interesting pointers which could help drivers save not just fuel but the environment as well. Read the full blog post at GOV.UK