Roadway Update 23 September 2020

23rd September 2020

Will the UK be ready for the end of transition? “Not a chance,” says RHA’s Richard Burnett

Following receipt of a letter from Michael Gove MP, detailing Government’s “reasonable worst-case scenario” planning, the RHA remains extremely sceptical about Government’s readiness for the end of the Brexit transition period.

RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: “It’s what we’ve been saying for many months. We know that traders and haulage operators will face new customs controls and processes and we know that if they haven’t completed the right paperwork their goods will be stopped when entering the EU.” 

You can read our full press release on RoadwayLive here.


Brexit: Actions you need to take before 31 December

Our latest Brexit checklist is now available here.

With time ticking down until the end of the transition period, it’s vital that you’re aware of what you need to do to continue trading between the UK and EU, and how to do it.

Within the checklist we highlight potential issues, what actions you need to take to avoid them, and when you need to take these actions. We also provide guidance on how best to do this.

You can read the full Brexit checklist here.


RHA’s Conditions of Carriage: Learn why they’re crucial for your business

The RHA’s Conditions of Carriage have been revised for 2020, provide peace of mind, load protection and are one of the key benefits of membership. They define a haulier’s legal responsibility with their customers.

Join us on Thursday 24 September for a webinar where we’ll talk you through the changes, look at six of the most major changes, and explain why you should incorporate these terms into all your consignment contracts.

Find out more about our new Conditions of Carriage here.


RHA grills DVA on lack of HGV test slots

The RHA’s John Martin, together with NI members, has met again with the DVA and pressed them on the lack of available HGV and trailer roadworthiness testing slots in Northern Ireland.

Currently, DVA are unable to meet hauliers needs in regard to roadworthiness testing.

Companies have also experienced serious difficulty in contacting anyone in the Agency to discuss these issues.

Read the full story on RoadwayLive here.


RHA onsite audits are back

We’re pleased to announce the return onsite audits, with steps taken to ensure compliance with Covid-19 distancing requirements.

We’ll ask you to submit much of the required paperwork digitally beforehand, to keep contact time on site to a minimum. 

All our auditors are equipped with the required PPE, including sanitiser.

You can read more on this story from RoadwayLive here.


National Lorry Week: New schools challenge launched

This year, as part of National Lorry Week, we’re asking primary and secondary schools to join us in celebrating the logistics industry.

Without trucks, moving things to where they need to go the country would struggle. Can you imagine carrying a case of baked beans on a bicycle?

Every shop relies on trucks and vans to keep their shelves filled.

So, as part of #NLW, we want to show our appreciation for each and every person working in the industry.

You can find out more on RoadwayLive here.