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21st June 2018

With everything you need to juggle as a transport operator, wouldn’t you like to have someone on your side that you can trust with one of your most critical concerns?  We are talking about training.  No matter what your fleet size, or where you’re located, or what your training needs are, RHA Training has the answer.

When choosing a course for your employees, what factors do you consider to be most important?  Is it: value for money; reputation of the course provider; location and timing of the course; course customisation to meet your specific needs; or the pass rate?   RHA Training has each of these boxes ticked. 

Protect your O’Licence

Courses offered by the RHA are some of the most respected freight transport and logistics training provided in the UK.  The RHA Transport Manager CPC has one of the highest pass rates in the country and 98% of delegates rate their training experience as very good or excellent.

The Transport Manager CPC is a legal requirement of the Operator Licencing system for both Standard National and International licences.  Our 10-day course equips Transport Managers with the necessary skills required for a Goods Vehicle Operators Licence.

The course is delivered by experienced RHA training managers, most of whom have been employed as transport managers, LGV drivers or both.

“Our training managers can relate to the people they instruct and quickly gain the respect and attention of the delegates,” said Mark Taylor, Head of Learning and Development, RHA.

“We continually develop our courses and are always looking for new and more interactive ways to deliver the content.  Our vast wealth of expertise and industry insight means that we are never short of personal and practical anecdotes.”

One recent course attendee, Julie Taylor from Breakwells LLP, said: “I found the RHA Transport Manager CPC course both hugely interesting and informative. 

“The subjects were delivered with enthusiasm by the RHA training manager, David Cooper, who made the content easy to follow and understand. 

“It was clear that he fully understood the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis and was able to illustrate course content using references to his own personal experiences.  I can’t recommend this course highly enough.”



August dates for CPC Transport Managers course

06/08/2018               Antrim
16/08/2018               Bristol
16/08/2018               Peterborough
20/08/2018               Bradford
22/08/2018               Reading
22/08/2018               Wolverhampton


Don’t bury your head in the sand –
the deadline is looming for Driver CPC


Another of your major concerns is keeping your drivers compliant and on the road.  You’ve only got until March 2019 to make sure your drivers have completed 35 hours of Driver CPC training.  With all the talk and uncertainty of Brexit, you may be wondering how the changes are going to affect your business. 

Unless your drivers have completed this vital CPC training, they will not be able to continue to operate which could be devastating for your transport operation.  Now is the time to take action and get ahead of the game. 

Just go to and check out all the upcoming and approved courses. 

If you have something specific to your business that needs to be addressed, we can tailor courses to suit your needs. We can create a syllabus to meet your individual needs and we deliver the training to suit you and your staff availability. 

Who can you trust?

The Road Haulage Association is the only trade body representing companies engaged in the carriage of goods by road. This unique position means a vast wealth of expertise and insight provided by the daily engagement with its members; with industry specialists and with the people in government and authorities that regulate the industry. Our level of understanding of the industry and its requirements is second to none; the benefit this affords you is priceless.

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