Drivers making deliveries must have access to toilets

Drivers making deliveries must have access to toilets

18 Nov 2022 Posted By Paul Mummery

The RHA reminds employers that visiting lorry drivers must be given access to toilets when they’re delivering at a premises.

Many truckers report that they’re stopped from using loos despite this being a legal requirement.

Firms must provide visiting delivery drivers with access to toilets and washing facilities under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

Suitable and sufficient sanitary conveniences and washing facilities shall be provided at readily accessible places and that hot and cold running water and soap must be available to use.

What can a driver or operator do if toilet facilities are refused?

Operators and drivers can remind firms that it’s a legal requirement to offer access to facilities.

If a firm still refuses then you can report the incident to the Health & Safety Executive.

Only 22 per cent of truckers said that they were always given access to customer toilets, a Unite the Union survey of 1,700 lorry drivers revealed. Nearly a third of drivers (32 per cent) said that access to customer toilets had got worse during and since the pandemic.

Drivers deserve better

Securing better facilities for truckers is a key campaign for the RHA.

There’s a lack of safe and secure parking for HGV drivers on Britain’s roads, and the toilet and washing facilities when do they find somewhere are often in poor shape.

Richard Smith, RHA Managing Director, said: “We’re determined to kick-start a culture change. Commercial vehicle drivers continue to put up with poor facilities out on the road and it’s just not good enough. People at work should feel safe and respected; our drivers expect better and deserve better.”

Sign our petition calling on the Government to do more to facilitate safe and secure parking and help improve standards at truck stops and service stations.

More about the RHA Facilities campaign.

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